About Spreading Hearts

Spreading hearts is about helping to change the world…one heart at a time. It is dedicated to sharing inspirational stories on how we can daily touch each other’s lives in unique and loving ways by listening to the still small guiding voice that’s inside each of us, and acting upon it. Spreading hearts can cause another person’s and our own day to shine more brightly.

The Malnati Family

Three summers ago my then 21 year old daughter Melissa spent five weeks serving food at Kuyasa, an organization that feeds over 250 children daily, located in a poverty stricken township outside of Cape Town, South Africa. My oldest daughter, Kelsey, and I went over to pick her up, with the three of us then having the privilege of traveling for two weeks in South Africa. An idea that was put on my heart before leaving Chicago was for us to randomly give small pewter hearts to individuals in that country, as we were so led. We would say to an individual something to the effect of, “This is for you”, placing a heart in their hand, and softly acknowledging, “You have a beautiful heart, and it touched mine, thank you.” The looks that came over people’s faces, the tears that welled up, and the responses were precious!