Our Mission

Our mission is for every person in the world to feel seen and know they matter.  One moment.  One person at a time.

In the everyday hustle and bustle, Spreading Hearts has the power to change someone's day...and, possibly, lifetime. By spreading small pewter hearts, each of us has the chance to spread joy, give hope, offer grace, and communicate love.

Across communities, we want to build bridges and create connections using hearts, a universal symbol for love.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you're from, we can all communicate care and appreciation through the small but profound gesture of spreading a heart. Let's choose to see those around us. After all, love transcends all boundaries.

See Love. Be Love.

How To Spread Hearts

  1. Stock up on pewter hearts. 
  2. Carry them everywhere you go 
  3. Make a practice of seeing others by opening your eyes to those around you 
  4. As you interact with other people throughout your day, give them a heart as you feel moved
  5. Share encouraging, heart-felt words with the person (i.e., affirmation, appreciation, inspiration, etc)
  6. If possible, take a photo together and share your stories with #SpreadingHearts
  7. Be a part of the movement and continue to spread hearts and love all over the world!

Jeanne Malnati & Family

In the summer of 2010 my youngest daughter Melissa chose to do her college photojournalism project in South Africa.  She spent 5 weeks there, captured the lives and hearts of 250 children as they ate their only meal of the day at an organization called Kuyasa, located in a poverty stricken township outside Cape Town.  My oldest daughter Kelsey and I were to travel there to pick Melissa up and then explore the country together.

At the last minute I threw a small bag of hearts into my suitcase. I didn’t know why. En-route to South Africa I began to think about these hearts that I'd brought along. What did they mean to me? What could they mean to others? The more I thought about it, the more I felt a nudge that my daughters and myself should randomly give a small pewter heart to individuals as we were led. The girls were all for the idea. And so we did.

When a person was put on our heart we would say to them something to the effect of, “This is for you.”  We’d place a heart in the palm of their hand and share (in just a few words) why we were moved to give one to them. “You have a beautiful heart, and it touched mine." Or, “This is to remind you that you are loved.” Or, “I appreciate you. Thank you.” 

Each of the 13 hearts we gave out had a story more precious than the other. The looks that came over people’s faces, the tears that welled up and trickled down cheeks, the responses of utter delight, surprise and gratefulness touched our hearts deeply. We’re not sure who was blessed more – the receiver or us, the givers.

We flew back to Chicago agreeing – we must continue to spread hearts! To date over 19 thousand hearts have been spread around the world. And that is only a drop in the bucket. We have great hope that love will continue to be spread, from one heart to another.

There is no greater joy than doing this random act of spreading love. To see a person out of the blue and acknowledge them, simply for just being themselves – love changes everything.